Face masks from facefashy.com.au are homemade nose and mouth masks for private use, or so-called “Community Masks”. They are not medical respirator masks. Wearing these masks can reduce the speed of airflow or the dispersal of droplets, and the masks can support awareness of “social distancing”. However, please notice the following information:

  • The product does not comply with any FFP standards and is not certified. Wearing the face mask does not protect your respiratory system against infection. It can at best reduce the risk of transmitting pathogens to others. We do not accept any accountability for this! Experts recommend that you ensure the mask fits tightly and regularly replace it if it becomes moist.
  • Please also note that the product is not sterile. We recommend washing the mask before using it for the first time.
  • When putting the mask on or taking it off, please only hold it by the elastic straps and not the fabric.
  • The pictures shown on this website are so called mock-ups, visualisations of the masks. Please notice that the finished product might differ slightly from this look.
  • Our masks for children are suitable from 6 years. Children should always put on and take off masks under supervision, and also be supervised while wearing them.
  • For hygiene reasons, returns are not possible.

Please refer to your local public health authority for current guidelines and recommendations regarding face masks.