A community project from Southern Germany and Melbourne 

Our project started in March 2020 in Germany when the recommendation to wear a mask in public was made. It was a new situation for everyone and we wanted wearing a mask to be fun.

The idea: masks have to be more pleasant! We believe that only when a piece of fabric looks good, feels good and is just beautiful, it becomes an item you'll use every day.

We develop mouth and nose (face mask) fashion not only for the current crisis, but also for the future. A piece of fashion that you put on again with every flu wave. It's our goal to have everyone find his favourite “Community Mask” in our shop.

The Australian team heard about our project because they have German roots and got in contact. It was love at first (virtual) sight.

In September 2020 the wearing of masks became mandatory in Victoria, Australia. To wear a mask always and everywhere was unfamiliar for everyone and therefore all the more important to look friendly and to spread fun. 

And to support the local industry during the very long lockdown was a goal for our whole team. So, we started this community project here too.

We'll give you back your smile. 

Our masks have been developed by designers and are simply comfortable. They are available in two sizes - for adults and children and the extra wide nose clip allows them to be individually adapted to the shape of the nose and the contour of your face, which is particularly helpful if you're wearing glasses. The fabric is fluffy, soft and just comfortable to be worn. With eye-catching prints our masks become a fashion statement. Colourful pictures or cool statements - it's far more than an improvised piece of fabric or an odd looking surgery mask, but fashion for the face. Even the official European flag has now found its way onto our masks after a EU member of parliament asked us to design a mask with the banner of the European Union. Our concept became so popular that the press wrote about it.

A mask made for comfort

We have developed a way to make a mask out of OEKO-TEX certified fabric combined with a high quality print. Despite the colour, the fabric remains perfectly breathable and is washable at 60 ° for optimal hygiene. It also dries particularly quickly. This makes every mask reusable and suitable and therefore much more sustainable than surgical masks that you have to throw away after one use.

We are also constantly improving our product. For example, we now use a nose clip which is particularly easy to bend, and our new rubber bands on the sides of the mask are so soft that they won't rub on the ears even when worn for a longer time.

Buying means helping. 

Our goal is to offer you the best possible quality and at the same time to be able to make a beautiful mouth and nose mask available to as many people as possible. Usually this is only possible if you have everything sewed abroad, outside the country.

However, we have found a way where the whole process stays near our home:

Face Mask Fashion cooperates with a print shop and several local tailors here in Melbourne that do not operate their own online shop. If you order from us, we will forward your order to one of our partners, where your masks will then be sewn and sent out to you. That means that with every purchase you support a small, regional company instead of large corporations. At the same time, you can be sure that each mask is made individually – just for you.

In addition, we have regular donations. 5% of all sales revenue from our online shop goes to a good cause. 

This is where some of our face masks are produced - our designs are printed onto special fabric which is then transported to a local tailor shop.
In local tailor shops all our community face masks are sewn. Each mask is unique and hand-crafted.

If you order 10 pieces or more we can custom-design your masks – e.g. with your company logo or special exclusive print. Please just give us a call or email us.

Important note: Our face fashion is not a substitute for professional, medical equipment. Please note our safety notes

For hygienic reasons, we cannot accept returns, so please make sure to ask your questions before buying – preferably via our contact form or check out our Frequently asked questions, too!

If you want to get an overview about what we're offering, here we go: