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Can I choose a colour?

To ensure fast delivery, we are unfortunately unable to offer a selection of colours. However, we made sure to always choose a colour that matches the motif's statement. If you haven't found a mask you like, check back in the next few days. We are constantly expanding our catalogue and are working on new prints right now.

Do you also offer simple, single-color masks?

The idea of ​​ is that we design special face masks with prints - masks that offer a statement, a special motif that gives you back your smile. That is why we do not offer single-color masks. However, we have a few masks with a less striking style, designed for the taste of people who like it more subtle. We are also constantly working on new models.

What kind of material are the masks made of? Why isn't cotton used?

We use a very light polyester fabric. It feels soft and fluffy and is perfectly breathable - even when printed on. When printing on cotton, the material becomes clotted and easy breathing would no longer be guaranteed. It is particularly important to us that the mask does not bother you and that it feels so comfortable that it becomes a mask for every day.

Is your material both environmentally friendly and skin-friendly?

It is very important to us that our masks are not only very good for breathing, but also skin-friendly and ecologically harmless. The fabric we use meets the Oeko-Tex Standard "100" for the so-called "Product Class I: Article for babies and toddlers". This was confirmed by the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute on February 5th,2020. A copy of the test certificate is available on request. You can find information about the Oeko-Tex standard at the official Oeko-Tex website.

How are the masks worn? Do I have to tie them up?

Our face masks have an elastic band on the sides that is particularly soft and stretchy - much softer than normal rubber bands or fabric/cord, that is commonly used in home-made masks. With their flexible ear loop our face masks fit comfortably on almost every head and we do not need sizes such as "S, M, L" or "XL". Because the material is very light, you also don't sweat so easily. Important: if you wear a mask for a long time, only touch it at ear loops to remove it from your face. Make sure you read through our safety information.

How large are the masks?

Our children's masks are about 16 cm wide and 7 cm high (when folded) and our adult masks about 18 cm wide and 8 cm high. This format varies slightly for every mask, as they are not manufactured industrially but by small tailor shops here in Southern Germany. We currently only offer these two sizes, but our elastic bands are very stretchy so the masks fit almost everyone.

Do the masks have a filter?

Our masks are made of two layers of fabric, but have no additional filter or special compartment sewn in. It is particularly important to us that our masks have the best possible breathing properties and many customers confirm that they can breathe better with our mask than with others.

Are the masks suitable for glasses wearers?

Glasses often mist up because the exhaled air escapes below the eyes. Our mask contains a wide nose clip that can be optimally adapted to the shape of your nose and the contour of your face and thus ensures skin contact under the eye area. Your glasses won't steam up so quickly. Many of our clients have confirmed this already.

Is there anything to consider when washing?

Our material is theoretically washable up to 95 °, but this could lead to shrinking. We therefore recommend washing at an energy-saving 60 ° for maximum reusability of your mask. You should also avoid tuble drying, as otherwise the nose clip could damage the mask or other textiles.

Do the masks dry quickly after washing?

Our material dries particularly quickly, so the mask can be reused fast after washing. This makes it even more suitable for everyday use. We recommend that you simply hang them up to dry - please do not put them in the tumble dryer (it will save energy and you also avoid damage from the nose clip).

Why are the masks suitable for children from 6 years only?

It is dangerous for small children to wear a mask because of the so-called "CO2 rebreathing". Never put our masks on a child younger than 6 years and make sure that even older children are supervised.

Is the fabric dyed?

Our face masks are always coloured on the outside and white on the inside. This is because the special fabric we use is printed on one side and then folded so the mask consists of two layers of fabric. We do not use dyed material at all, for both economic and ecological reasons. The elastic cord we use and all seams are white.

Can I get my own print on a mask or make a special request?

We love to hear about your ideas for future products and we do offer custom-made prints with a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces. You can choose whether you want to send us your finished design or if we should develop it for you (extra cost). Please contact us if you're interested in ordering custom face masks with your exclusive theme. There are also volume discounts for companies and retailers.

Do you also deliver abroad?

We're a Franchise partner of, a community project from Europe and deliver to Australia, only at the moment. Please visit if you need a delivery to another country. Our friends will be happy to help you.

Can I change my order after having placed it?

If you want to order additional products, the easiest way is to simply place a new order. If we receive it in time, we will send your orders in one package. For all other special requests or questions regarding your order it's best to send us a message!